Maxum Animal Nutrition is excited to present the MaxCare range of milk replacement products. MaxCare calf milk replacer (CMR) products have been developed specifically for the dairy industry, using the highest quality ingredients. By value-adding and nurturing growth, MaxCare CMR products foster a healthy dairy industry. Good calf nutrition builds a strong foundation for healthy growth and development for your individual animals, your herd and our industry.

Scientifically formulated using the highest quality ingredients, the MaxCare range ensures optimum health and nutrition for your calves. All MaxCare products provide high nutritional specifications and consistent quality in an EASY TO MIX powdered formula. MaxCare milk replacers are available throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Our MaxCare Range


MaxCare Ultimate is your first choice when only the best will do. Made from the highest quality ingredients.

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MaxCare Essential has been specifically formulated to meet the everyday needs of your calves, as well as a wide range of other infant animals.

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MaxCare Lamb & Kid is a Milk Replacer specifically formulated to provide optimum nutrition for infant sheep and goats.

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MaxCare Piglet Milk Replacer delivers high nutrient density and a comprehensive additive profile in all one package.

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MaxCare Premium is a quality, value-for-money alternative that’s ideal for getting the best out of your calves.

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Why MaxCare?

Easy to mix

When we say ‘easy to mix’ we mean it. MaxCare CMR can be prepared in three easy steps.

Delivering maximum growth

MaxCare CMR is a cost-effective, convenient and efficient alternative to help maximise the growth, productivity, health and long-term profitability of your herd.

Nutrition & health support

Scientifically formulated using the highest quality ingredients, the MaxCare range ensures optimum health and nutrition for your calves.



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